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Pay As You Go or AutoPay

Flexible Options

Prepaid and Family plan pricing available.


No Minimum Requirements

PrePaid Plans

Pay As You Go





Valid I.D. or Drivers Licenses

Credit Check if You're Financing

PostPaid Plans

Monthly Plans




New Promotional Offers Start

Winter  2023

What's The Difference?

PrePaid Plans

PostPaid Plans

Pay As You Go

No Credit Checks

Limited Plan Choices

Monthly Commitment

Credit Check For Phones

Identification Requirements

Family Plan Pricing

No commitments and pay when ever you need service. Each purchased plan line expires 30 days after activation or line renewal.

No credit check required for all Pre-Paid plans. Simply pay with a debit or credit card and you're on your way.

Great plan options that cover most of all your needs.

Limited Benefits

Flexible Benefits Choices

All though you can save big and purchase multiple plans 

 there are no available family plan pricing discounts or offers.

PostPaid plans pricing provides bigger discounts to subscribers therefore requires more commitments.

There is no credit check to create an account however, there is a credit check requirement for all financed devices.

You will be required to verify your identity by uploading a valid I.D. or Drivers License.

Customize a family plan that works for you and all your loved ones in seconds.

Mix and match plans that work for you and your family members. Trade in your devices to save with unlimited offers.

Identification Requirements

You will be required to verify your identity by uploading a valid I.D. or Drivers License.

Need Personal Assistance?

We Can Help!


We will handle everything for you over the phone.


Give us a call so we can answer all of your questions.


On the go? Send us a text message for text support.

(866) 996 2281

*This page is to provide clarity to new clients by giving them all the available options.

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